Chute Pond currently is infested with two invasive aquatic plants- Curly Leaf Pond Weed and Eurasian Water Milfoil. Our goal is to stop the spread of invasive species, and to prevent the introduction of any further invasives into our lake.

             We are looking for additional volunteers to sign up to be trained in CBCW procedures. This training will be one-on-one training at the boat launches by one of our currently trained volunteers. Our goal is to have as many property owners involved as possible, as we plan to continue inspections at the County Park and South Shore Dr launches, focusing on weekend boating traffic. We are logging and reporting these hours to the DNR, which could result in grant money to help offset the cost of lake treatments, which we are currently paying for through our mill levy on our property tax bills.                                    
            Boat launch inspections involve talking to and educating boaters on invasive species and prevention measures to control the spread from lake to lake. Volunteers will be provided with official CBCW shirts, caps, aprons, and all necessary educational materials and supplies. Once trained, volunteers can then sign up with the CBCW coordinator to work their choice of days and hours at either boat launch- County Park or South Shore Dr.